Sunday, 6 December 2015

Addicted to salt..

I am every bit of a salt addict, I know I am and I am fully aware that I should not be. Some people are so dependent on certain foods/vitamins but I believe that I am dependent on salt if I don't have some I find myself eager to find some. I put salt on toast, beans, roast dinners I put salt on foods before I even try them which really is quite rude. If someone came round my house and put salt on something I cook before trying it I would be slightly mystified but yet I still do it when I go round other peoples. 

Recently, I have been to the doctors the reason I went to them is that I was feeling incredibly exhausted and just generally I had no energy and they done a blood test and they said that I have high blood pressure and one thing that can cause high blood pressure is a high salt intake. The Doctors were highly surprised that I had high blood pressure as I am young and healthy, and I did mention the amount of salt that I eat but they almost thought that it was a joke. I don't think they believed me when I told them about the sheer amount of salt I eat. 

I know I have to cut down and to be fair I don't know where to start I think first of all I am going to start with not adding any extra salt to my foods and using lots of different herbs and spices to mix things up a little bit. Trying to make foods more flavoursome and trying to stick to my guns to not using it, I am putting the salt way out of my reach.  

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