Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Do you have the winter blues?

Its cold and miserable outside, for most people when you leave for work its dark and for most when you get home its dark #depressing. For those who love your garden like me its a nightmare you can only do work at the weekend which sucks... I genuinely think when you get home from work you have less energy that what you would if its dark. I don't know if its just me but all I want to do when I get back in from work in the winter, is put my pj's on and eat my dinner and lots of sweets and stare at the twinkly tree.

And as I sit hear and typing this my nails are chipped and I'm sitting under a blanket feeling pretty sorry for myself (gulp). And as soon as its hit November on the news you hear Winter Blues pop up. 

Well what is the winter blues I hear you ask and is it an actual thing? Well as I sit hear in my fluffy pj's and delving into a box of quality streets I am beginning to think its a real thing. So after doing a little while of digging I have found that it is scientifically a real thing. Many scientists believe its the way your body reacts to daylight, I get that really emphases the point I made earlier. The medial term for the Winter blues as I like to call it is SAD which is (Seasonal Affective Disorder). 

So the best thing I think you can do to beat the dreaded winter blues, is I know as hard as it can be try and get outside as much as you can whilst its light. If your work all day perhaps a ten minute stroll at lunch time will do the job. I think what I am going to try and do over the winter season as make an evening maybe once a week or once ever two weeks is have a little bit of a pamper evening. Get a Face Mask do my nails because I am a big fan of having lovely nails, I don't know what it is about having lovely nails but it does tend to make me feel a lot better. Also try and not over do yourself with sweets, I know I can hardly talk scoffing my sweets. Few more different fruits and veg over the winter will not hard anyone. Breakfast idea to beat the winter blues porridge and berries, pancakes and sweets. 

Stay happy and keep smiling over the chilly months. 

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