Sunday, 6 December 2015

Fool Proof Mince Pies...

So one of my favourite things about Christmas is the food, I love mince pies, gingerbread men and anything remotely Christmasy. So today I made some yummy mince pies. I used a basic shortcrust pastry recipes which means you need 225g of plain flour and a 100g of flour and just a pinch of salt. 

You sift the flour into a mixing bowl or food mixed. I used a food mixer and it is just more easier, and it just does a much better job than when you do it yourself. You add the butter and a pinch of salt and then mix till the dough turns into bread crumbs. I had to add a few tea spoons of water as well. The dough will take some kneading so it gets into a nice ball. And then place it in the fridge for about 15 mins. 

Whilst the pastry is chilling put the oven at 200c fan, to preheat. Once the pastry is chilled roll it out so it is about 3mm think. I rolled it out a little bit too thick you can see from the picture I probably would have been able to make more if I hadn't of rolled it out so thick. Make sure you put plenty of flour on the surface that your rolling it out onto as you do not want the pastry sticking. Cut as many circles you need for your cupcake tin, I did not have any circle cutters. I had to use a protein shaker lid but ironically they fitted perfectly. 

You just gently place them in the tin and smooth round the edges. Fill them up with plenty of mincemeat. Then cut out stars or lids to go on top. You can then either use milk or an egg wash to coat the top. 

This recipe makes about 7 depending on how many you want you could double or triple the recipe. As its just me that likes them this quantity is for me is perfect.  And although they are a little bit thick, and I probably could have got a few more if I had rolled them out a little bit flatter. I do think that they look scrumptious.  


  1. i've actually never had one of these before, thanks for sharing!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. Hello ,
    Asif you've never had one u don't know what your missing they are so good, there the best food this time of year xx